Greenparty Products - Green Party Goods Sucks

Tampa, Florida 0 comments

I had the misfortune of order party supplies from green party goods.When calling to inquire, I could not reach anyone for several hours, there was no customer service line, just a voice mail.

Since I did not know what kind of business or size of business this was, I called again, not knowing if my voice mail would be recieve by anyone. I recieved a call back from the owner, with an attitude stating she was the only one with the business. She said I should feel grateful I got a call back, that most business wouldn't call back. Be careful before you buy.

You are responsible for shipping both directions for returns, and you will be told by the owner that she is too busy to talk to you.

(I am assuming this is only if you want to return.) I am sure they are more than happy to take your money for an order.

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